Spiritual Oils

Spiritual Oils

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These five spiritual oils will aid you in your manifestation work. They all come with a free telephone consultation.

Prosperity Oil - Attract prosperity and abundant resources to yourself, your home or love ones with the Prosperity Oil.

Love Oil - Use this oil to attract love and romance into your life. This oil is also great to enhance your own self love.

Throat Chakra Oil - Having trouble expressing yourself? The Throat Chakra oil will help to unlock your throat chakra and give you your voice back. It is good to use if you need help with communication or public speaking.

Heart Chakra Oil - If you are having trouble with matters of the heart, this oil will assist in unblocking and balancing the heart chakra. There are a few steps that should be taken along with the use of this oil (instructions will be included).

Root Chakra Oil - This oil will help with transmuting sexual energy into creative energy (instructions will be included).